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Under the federal law, teachers are not covered when it comes to pumping at work. For some lucky woman, some states have their own breastfeeding laws which give them more protection, but there are still hundreds of thousands of woman who must rely on the kindness of their employer or principal to be given a reasonable amount of time to pump in a safe, clean, secluded area. Planning time is not consistent across the board-- from school to school, from grade to grade. It is not enough to assume that it will work with the lactating mother's needs.


In a field where over seventy percent of employees are woman, this is especially unacceptable. This is not a small problem. This is potentially affecting over two million woman. There needs to be a policy change. There are already enough hardships on teachers who spend countless hours and their hundreds of dollars of own money to teach and be caretakers of their students; having to stop breastfeeding early because of the lack of language in a law is deplorable.


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