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Finding a Balance

I know of a woman who breastfed her now 12 year old, in the stall of a restaurant when she worked there as a waitress. As an electrician I have pumped in a building engineers bathroom during my lunch break. Mothers will do this if we are able, it is arguably the most important, nurturing, least selfish act that humans are capable of. Yet, we are not treated as if it is important. We need an approach that treats this integral act ( breastfeeding ) as a sacred tenet of American Society. We can do this by,

1)Making policies that support nursing mothers.

2) Enforcing and strengthening these policies.

3) Increasing workplace awareness about maternity/paternity leave, infant care, and how it affects parents, I.e sleep deprivation, and the unbeatable benefits of breastfeeding babies.


Awareness and education are the first step in any campaign. Info graphic signage that must be posted in an employee common area, will educate both men and women to the benefits of breastfeeding, and common issues affecting new parents of new born babies/infants. With heightened awareness comes compassion, and with compassion a healthier workplace. Everyone wins!

The specifications of the info graphic signage may vary in language depending on the audience, but the message and pictures should be universal and easy to understand, and should have a USDOL linked website explaining the rights of nursing mothers, and issues linked to it, in all available languages.

This way we can strike a harmonious balance between motherhood and worker productivity.


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