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Breastmilk is not just healthy for the nursling but for all!

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I worked for a large company!

But when it came down to being a breastfeeding employee, no one in my direct management, Security and HR knew where lactation rooms were available! Since I was invested and could not bare the pain, I went lookig for a hole in my building and elsewhere. Companies should be fined for having a relax demeanor on a significant role that lactating Moms give freely back to their employers - a healthy nursling is a Mom that is in the job working which translates to dollars and cents, shareholders happy, and Wall Street happier.


If the unavailability of dedicated space was scarce and unknown to management, the on job demand of having to return to a high level risk workplace after birth when asked to be apprpriately assigned to another role less risky was met with the clear NO.


What I learned from them is that they perceive returning Moms as if nothing had happened- business as usual!' I was not a nursing Mom, or a Mom. I tried pumpimg but the stress of returning at a set time, having to clean and stow my milk elsewhere was more than I could physically and emotionally withstand. For a period, a family member brought my nursling to work, and I nursed on demand throughout the periods allowed by law.


So what is necessary? Fines and penalties! Law that enables nursing Moms to return to roles that do not jeopardize themselves, their nurslings, and others colleagues in the shared worspace (eg laboratory, clean room, manufacturing,

to name some). What nursing Mom is not up multiple times during the night to nurse on demand? How easy is it for a major contamination, spill, accident to occur? This is about being as much as a responsible employee in realizing a new dynamics as to the employer acknowledging that their employees now require different parameters to succeed in their work. It is about respect, realizing new boundaries, and new challenges.



Thank you for your attention!


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